“West African movie cannot be compared to movies produced elsewhere”


“West African movie cannot be compared to movies produced elsewhere”

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Italian-born entertainer and self-acclaimed Ghanaian, Gianluca Romeo, known in showbiz circles as Kwame Yeboah has revealed to Faj Ghana the need to invest in our local movies.

According to him, African movies cannot be compared to other movies elsewhere since there is a clear difference between the African and the Western lifestyles. Therefore, for one to make such comparison is getting out of context.

“African movie industry is only beaten by the unwillingness of producers to spend and use more sophisticated shooting equipment,” he added.

Kwame Yeboah, who strongly believes in African movies further explained that producers should spend more to enhance quality and international recognition as, “all the stories are with us here, we needn’t go about imitating other cultures.”

“We simply need to take our own work to the next level. The stories are here doesn’t mean; one can just get up and shoot anything anyhow.  A good storyline, among other essential keys in movie production, everything should make sense,” he stressed.

Kwame has prospects of learning editing in sometime and as well produce an effect movie. “I personally want to learn editing and produce a quality effect movie by God’s grace”.

According to him, he enrolled into a theatre school after his Junior High school in Italy, where he took part in several stage productions before coming to Ghana to get to the big screens.

He’s currently basing in Kumasi where is doing his acting alongside MCing and scriptwriting.

The Italian-born whom arrived on the soil of old Gold Coast nation some six years ago seems to be breaking bounds in the entertainment world now.

Kwame’s command and fluency in some of the Ghanaian local languages have gained him friends and publicity especially the Twi language as his arrival in Ghana has taken him another level in his acting career.

He has gained such roles and interviews on various TV platforms including Chorkor Trotro, KSM show, Billy the Wonder amongst others.

The school of thought that believes that, the Western language is the ultimate is contrary to what Romeo has proven.

“Language is my passion”, he affectionately said. He has stated that he’s easily moved by new things around, therefore find ways to learn it.


By: Felix Acquaye/ FAJ Ghana

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