Why use weaved-on hair for hair products commercials?


Why use weaved-on hair for hair products commercials?

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A typical example

Hair as quoted by Shana Alexander brings one’s self-image into focus with self-importance proving ground which is terribly personal and a tangle of shadowy prejudices but with so many promising new hair products motioning for attention, it’s a good time to rethink how you care for your hair.

Here in Ghana, the most advertised hair products we see on our local screens are Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer, BO-16, UB40, Angel Hair Cream, Chocho Hair Cream, and Mercy Hair & Body Cream among others but unfortunately, they talk of being the best of keeping your hair relaxed and/or healthy hair growth with less breakage.

After carefully watching various commercials on these hair products over and over again, I realized the hair they use in advertising the products were not natural relaxed human hair rather they were well-fixed weaved-on or hand-made hair.

Certainly, this certifies that true enough there’s a good deal of irony in the world even Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer which has been in existence since 1972, introduced as the first color product formulated specifically for African American women, and went on to revolutionize the industry by developing the first relaxer without lye.

So many years has passed making Dark and Lovely grow to include a complete collection of deep conditioning treatments, shampoo, fade-resistant hair colors, relaxers, and a full line of children’s products designed to bring out the best in your hair which gracefully has been accepted world-widely.

But what baffles me is the fact that they use hand-made hair better still weave-on in advertising their products with high profiled as Kelly Rowland, Bria Murphy (daughter of Eddy Murphy) and Nonhle Thelma among others even when as quoted by Martin Luther, ‘the hair is the richest ornament of women.”

Practically, natural touched hair becomes much lighter after being styled. But what we see in these hair ads are rather thick hairs even after touching the hair with these products.

As usual, blindly imitating these leading and professional weaves-on fixers’ hair product companies; the Ghanaian hair product manufacturers although their skin care products are very good seem to want to compete with these highly recognized companies.

Too bad they could not do a good copy work; they display their hair product with unwell sealed part of the weaved-on or hand-made hair to the extent of giving us a good view of the fake hair they use in advertising their products.

This shows how unsure and uncertain they are about getting good patronage of their products yet it was not done well and instead of proving to its patrons with naturally touched-hairs, they are deluding us.

As Maya Angelou said, “Hair is a woman’s glory and that you share that glory with your family who only gets to see you braid and wash it” but the real fact of the matter is that nobody seem to read ads instead people read what interests them and live with the deception filing their minds.

That is why is it termed as “ADVERTISEMENT”, but what happens when the locals don’t gain the same results as shown in these unscrupulous ads?

And the hair breakages does not end even after using these products several times, what if it gives your hair changes into a multi-color or you don’t get the exact color these products preaches?

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