Zimbabwe: Ammara Brown describes former lover, Roki; “A blessing and a curse”

Zimbabwe: Ammara Brown describes former lover, Roki; “A blessing and a curse”

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Zimbabwean Afro-RnB Fusion singer, Ammara Brown has described her former lover, Roki; “I would say the more I got to know him the more complex he became and I think it’s part of his mad genius. A blessing and a curse.”

The sassy singer’s description for her ex-lovers comes as reference to a report which stated that Roki described Ammara as a real woman, who knew how to separate leisure time and work.

Meanwhile, in a previous interview last year; while their relationship was up-and-running, Ammara described her Urban Groove musician-boyfriend as a “loving and caring boyfriend and Mr. Right,” this description, according to Ammara Brown is a fabricated quote.

Refuting to reports that the former BBA housemate, Roki’s 6 children with 5 different women caused the break up of their 5-months old relationship last year; Ammara Brown explained, “the fact that Roki was already a father was one of his more endearing qualities; actually, because I’m a mother of 1 too.”

Hence, “my break up with Roki was never because of his previous relationships, but because I knew he would be a better friend to me than a life partner,” she clarified during an interview with

Adding, “I’m currently single, and if I wasn’t I wouldn’t say who he was. Lol! I treasure my privacy,” when asked if she was in a new relationship presently.

Reacting to what Ammara terms as most ridiculous news during her relationship with Roki; the ‘Ammartian Octopus’ queen reminisced reports that she was getting married to Roki after 2-weeks of dating without consulting her family for clarifications and truth!”

“How can one get engaged to someone after dating for 2 weeks, and worse not consult with my family? Because there are cultural procedures that had to be adhered to and for the constant tabloid and media humiliation I experienced last year, I spent a better part of 2014 depressed,” she detailed.

“Although there have been so many false rumours about me, this particular report,” she said, “caused equal damage to my personal life as it did to my profession. It was as destructive as it was humiliating.”

“But my mother’s advice and training to believe in myself and keep moving forward despite the situations I encounter inspires my life. And my son is just the light of my life; he shows me that love still exists in the world which is very crucial for me as a creative person,” she said.

The Afro-RnB Fusion genre initiator, Ammara Brown acknowledged, “Allah; my son, Khameel; my family; my team and the Ammartian Octopus, thank you all for helping me turn my visions into realities.”

The video above is Roki’s ‘Number 1’ featuring Ammara Brown.

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